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Lakeshore Yacht Club - Member's Site

Welcome to the Lakeshore Yacht Club Fleet Landing Page

Lakeshore Yacht Club has an active Club Reciprocal Cruising and Club Racing Program that runs May through September each year.  

Most of the Fleet web pages are restricted to LSYC Membership only access. Please sign in to your member account to get full access to fleet activities and resources within the member side of our website.

For guests visiting our site, welcome to Lakeshore Yacht Club.  

An overview of our Fleet Programs follows:  

Reciprocal Cruising

Our Cruising Team works throughout the off-season collaborating with other yacht clubs around Lake Ontario to lock
in dates for club cruises made possible by the each participating club attending the other using the docks vacated by the members of each club.  This is a great way to visit destinations around the lake and share in their hospitality.

LSYC Cruises typically have games and socials in the evenings as well as plenty of time to visit the sights and amenities unique to the vicinity of each cruise destination. 

Weeknight Club Racing Program

A dedicated group of volunteers provides our race committee services to support our weeknight club racing program. Racing takes place every Tuesday evening from May through September.  Our race course is set up just off the entrance to the LSYC basin and consists of a series of strategically preset race marks. Each race event the race committee uses a select series of the pre-set marks to set the unique race course for the race taking weather, sea conditions, wind direction and strength into consideration to yield a challenging race course requiring every point of sail that can typically be sailed within sixty to ninety minutes. The season is divided into three separate Series; Spring, Summer and Fall. The Spring and Summer Series consist of seven races each and the Fall Series is shortened to six races.  All sailboat racing is conducted under the Racing Rules of
Sailing using the PHRF-LO Rating System. Similar rated boats competing in either Non Flying Sails (white sail) or Flying Sail (spinnaker) Divisions are grouped together at time of registration.  A post-race social and BBQ is hosted on the club patio where many stories of the nights racing activities are shared with fellow racers all in good fun and camaraderie.

Weekend Club Racing Program

LSYC also hosts numerous club racing event on the weekends between May and October each year.  Nine point-to-point distance races collectively determines the Overall Distance Series Champion each year. In addition, there are two-day events, some within the Distance Series as well as two day stand-alone events including Founders Cup Series in September.   

Crew Bank

Racing sailboats requires a crew of several people, the larger the boat the more crew typically required.  Depending on the division the owner intends to compete in along with the number of sail changes involved during the race determines the number of crew required.  This is a great way to get involved, meet new people and get out on the water and experience sailboat racing. To get started send email to our crew bank coordinator at

Fleet Contact Information

Should you have any questions regarding the Fleet Program at LSYC please feel free to contact the Fleet Captain at

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